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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes AYOTA different from other supercomputers?

AYOTA is not just a high-performance machine; it's designed for seamless human-computer interaction. It allows for voice and mental commands through compatibility with Emotiv EEG headsets and comes preloaded with Role Model AI for personalized, AI-driven tasks.

How do I set up mental commands with AYOTA?

To enable mental commands, you'll need an Emotiv EEG headset. Once connected, follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate and set up your mental commands. This will allow you to interact with AYOTA using your thoughts.

What is Role Model AI and how does it work with AYOTA?

Role Model AI is a preloaded feature that allows you to create your own AI assistant avatar. This avatar can communicate with AYOTA's core system, enabling a wide range of AI-based tasks tailored to your needs.

Is AYOTA suitable for professional research and development?

Absolutely. With its cutting-edge specifications and advanced interface capabilities, AYOTA is designed to meet the challenges of high-level computational tasks, making it ideal for professional research and development.