Introducing AYOTA
The Future of AI & BCI-Enabled Computing is Here


Experience the next generation of computing with AYOTA, a High Performance PC that seamlessly integrates Artificial Intelligence into every facet of its design. Powered by the innovative Cerebral OS, AYOTA is not just a computer; it's your personal assistant, your creative partner, and your gateway to the future.

Create Your Role Model: Talk To Own AI Assistants

Talk to Your Avatar

Your personal AI avatar awaits on the front dashboard, ready to assist, entertain, or simply chat. It's like having a friend inside your computer.

Automate Everything

From mundane tasks to complex processes, let Cerebral OS handle it. Set it, forget it, and watch the magic happen.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI): Cerebral OS Beyond Touch and Type

Thought-Powered Control

Compatible with a wide range of EEG headsets, including the acclaimed Emotiv models, AYOTA allows you to connect and interact using merely your thoughts. Visualize, contemplate, and bring to life.

Drop The Controller & Play Games With Your Mind

Say goodbye to manual searches and commands. With voice activation features akin to SIRI and Amazon Alexa, just speak your mind and let AYOTA do the rest.